Vision and Mission

While talking about complete automation of the public transport industry we focus on core aspects of this sector. Nepalese public transport sector is built and largely successful without a penny of foreign investments and it has an investment of trillions of Nepalese Rupees and the private sector is the only operator of this sector.  

We have focused on two parts of this industry: Bus operation companies and Passengers. What can serve them well differently and can bring a drastic change to these sectors and what can be a better solution for this sector. After 3 years of intensive research and 2 years of non-stop effort of software development, we have placed live our software and we are quite satisfied with the products that we offer to stakeholders.  

Only ticketing doesn’t serve the purpose of this industry unless we don’t offer state of the art system for each component of this sector. That drives our vision and mission to determine our objective based on that we drive towards it.  

Simple and smooth ticketing procedures, easy steps of ticket confirmation and cancellations are on one hand and on another hand without affecting the current pattern of the industry to facilitate automation. In those aspects we have studied possible all minor steps and incorporated them with the system. That makes us qualitative differentiator from others in this industry.  

Focused on world-class technology with local understanding was another challenge and we are proud to say that we have done it.  

Still, we have to work on a few things as a continual part of growth and these are listed as: Creativity, Customer-focused, Continual improvements.

We have created a state of the art technology and it has the robustness and stands par with global competitiveness.  

We are dealing with stakeholders honestly.  Our truthful and ethical conducts are our assets and we maintain the highest integrity and treat others with fairness and dignity.

We believe in professionalism and we follow professional ethics, that is applicable to each individual associated with us as an employee either inside the office or on the field.

We are very much clear about our focus, goal, and we understand industry-specific needs, so we are transparent and dedicated to it.