Bus ticket in Nepal is still a hectic process to obtain for travelers. We offer comfort, ease, and choice of the seat by offering complete automation in the public transport industry. Travelers should be aware of bus ratings, amenities, relevant and available features of selected buses. A wide range of selection of bus, supported by date, seat and commonly accepted payment process as well as comprehensive features are included. Travelers should be tension free while planning for bus travel. Multiple destinations, a wide range of seat selection, non-repetition of the seat and approximate time of bus should be always on hand to access for anyone who wishes to travel. Automated ticket counters, agency based ticketing and self-ticketing are offered choices for travelers.  

For bus companies, we offer a complete solution including complete automation, time-based cancellation policy implementation, real-time data of booking and cancellation as well. Bus operating companies should have real-time access in the financial information of sales and we proudly claim that we offer with cutting edge technology.  

Cancellation is another part that is quite hectic for everyone who is associated with the bus. Here we offer state of art cancellation module. The time-based rule is applied for bus companies and they can implement and the system works as per inputs given and reports are generated accordingly.  

Comfort for booking and cancellation is enabled in the system and so that travelers stay calm for any cancellation and booking. Two-way confirmation of ticketing (Mobile message and email), provides authenticity for any transaction. Basically, we offer a complete automated ticketing system for passenger vehicles.